Learn Curious how Cabbagetown’s artistic, closely-bound community has preserved its homes and heritage over the past 100+ years? Recommended reading includes How a Mill Settlement Evolved into Cabbagetown, A brief history of Cabbagetown, and an overview of the neighborhood’s historic homes.

Experience Park at Euclid and Druid at the edge of Inman Park. While walking over to Cabbagetown, grab refreshments at hell yeah (*gluten free) or Revolution Doughnuts & Coffee. Proceed to Krog Street Tunnel toward neighborhood patio bar, 97 Estoria. From here, walk along the mural-lined Wylie Street toward Tenelle Street. Continue meandering through the the eclectic patio decor along Prickett and Berean Street. End the tour on Full Commission‘s patio.

image source: Jennie Lee Gruber

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