Your greatest regret at the end of your life will be the lions you didn’t chase. You will look back longingly on risks not taken, opportunities not seized, and dreams not pursued. Stop running away from what scares you most and start chasing.

— Mark Batterson

I love this quote. I admit I enjoy chasing after opportunities that might seem improbable for me to take. There’s a certain kind of satisfaction in going after an unexpected challenge. 

I’m a brand strategist. My fluency is in cultural trends, behavioral insights, and creative solutions. (Read: I solve problems with words and images far more often than through spreadsheets and equations.) So, one could argue from a practical perspective, there’s no true need for someone like me to study data science.  

Personally, though, I’ve always had this fascination around TV shows like Halt and Catch Fire or movies like Moneyball and The Imitation Game. Why? Because they tell great stories but also because they celebrate the potential of vision paired with engineering skills. Protagonists in each story saw a potential and future most others could not, and they were willing to throw themselves into complexity and continuous experimentation to find a better way – be that a better way to video game, play baseball, or attack enemy lines.

Few think about branding like a system, but just as inputs flow through an algorithm, brand choices ideally flow through a single brand architecture and belief system that produces a justifiable response that overtime is consistent, memorable and ideally ownable. 

In short, not always but often there’s a role for engineering within advertising, and in hindsight, this would rationally explain why I decided to spend 6-months poured over a screen trying to study data science during a pandemic. 

And now, almost 6-months after graduating, I wanted to create a highlight reel of top takeaways, inspiration, and our teams’ final projects.  


01 Organizing Data 

Medium Python with Pandas 

Goal Make the information usable 

Concept Bins, Conditionals, Dictionaries, Functions, Groupby


Brand Strategy Applications 

02 Charting Data Relationships 

Medium Pandas and Matplotlib with Python 

Goal Summarizing & comparing information    

Brand Applications & Resources 

03 The Art of Data Visualizations 

Medium Tableau, PowerBI, etc.   

Goal Storytelling

Practice & Resources  

Data Visualization Portfolios

Data Visualization Applications 

04 Final Team Projects: 2U Data Science & Analytics Bootcamp 2020

Image source: Datalands

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