What Place, Fire Island 

Description A favorite blog, Escape Brooklyn, provides an excellent snapshot of this unique corner of the world: “Fire Island is a 31-mile barrier island just off the southern coast of Long Island. Its proximity to NYC–paired with picturesque beaches, cute neighborhoods, fabulous rental homes, and the radiant LBGT culture–make this a super popular destination for New Yorkers. Another draw is the complete removal from the city: there are no cars. Instead, the towns up and down the island are are connected by a maze of raised wooden walkways which serve as its avenues, streets and alleys.” 

Why If you’re into modernist beach houses, Fire Island sounds like the place to visit. The island’s experimental retreats were designed by notable architects including Horace Gifford, Andrew Geller, and Earls Combs; housed wild parties and Diana Von Fusrtenburg fashion shows; and remains a popular New Yorker escape. 

“Designer Oliver Freundlich revamps a Brooklyn family’s seasonal retreat and pays homage to Fire Island’s legacy architecture.” Image source: Architectural Digest

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