What Person, Interior Designer, Creative Director and much much more, Athena Calderone 

Description “Armed with an eye for the unexpected, founder Athena Calderone created EyeSwoon as a form of visual expression, a place to transform ordinary life into a feast for the eyes. Through these creative journeys, EyeSwoon lifts the curtain on inspiring food, design and decor, demonstrating that often all it takes are simple ideas and thoughtful execution to turn our surroundings into a place that makes the eye swoon.” 

Why This seems to be a theme: rediscovery. In Houston a few years back, I remember eyeing Book Beautiful and mentally staring at this recipe book as a future gift. Then a few weeks back I came across Eye Swoon, Athena’s blog and later made the connection. I also highly recommend her video on curating ‘ the swooniest of pin-boards’ as well as the story of her Greek Revival townhouse in historic Cobble Hill.   

Image source: Sakara

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