Who Person, Interior Designer, Sibella Court

Description Arguable the most famous interior designer living in Australia. She’s the author of best selling design books including Imaginarium, Gypsy, Etcetera, The Stylist’s Guide to NYC, among others. 

She’s also founded The Society Inc, where she describes her background — “With Sibella’s degree in History, her spaces & product design draw on both the true & make-believe to create unique interiors that delight patrons & guests, showcasing her attention to detail & immersive style achieved through her imagination & black book of specialty trades.” 

Why I’ve owned Etcetera nearly as long as it’s been in publication, but I never thought twice about the author. However, I recently came across Sibella’s stylish, colonial-style, old-world Instagram and instantly followed. Only today did I realize my discovery of Sibella was simply a confirmation of a past obsession. Love her aesthetic too?

Image source: Lobster and Swan


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