The opportunity 

Dementionalize YETI marketing targets into in-depth personas. Our goal was to identify how each persona reflected an opportunity to focus on different KPIs, push different products, and customize messaging to specific demographics. 

Inner workings 

Each persona was defined by the following elements: 

  • A snapshot of essential demo and psychographics 
  • Core cultural influences impacting their worldviews
  • A snapshot of coveted objects, reflecting their daily life and values
  • Insight around how they make purchase decisions 
  • Recommendations: Identified how to customized messaging, products pushes, CSR initiatives and experiences to resonate best each of three personas


Elevating YETI’s target audiences into relatable personas, we identified how to not just buy media against different demographics but how to start customizing how different audiences experienced the YETI brand in a multitude of ways.


  • Led development of YETI’s female growth persona: Jess
  • Collaborated with full team to ensure alignment across personas 
  • Mentored our summer intern on writing in the voice of a brand throughout the persona building process

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