• Communication Framework + Brand Voice 
  • Audience Personas 
  • Product Rollout & Capsule Collection Strategy 
  • CSR platform and creative initiatives 

The initial opportunity: Communication Framework + Brand Voice  

In Spring of 2018, Giant Spoon won the business for YETI. Starting from ground zero, our team forged a deeply collaborative client partnership that brought their leadership team along for the ride as we articulated their brand purpose and crafted a communication framework for their products and YETI Presents (i.e. YETI films, concert series, Drifting podcast, ambassador program, etc.)

Inner Workings

Our communication framework was designed to celebrate YETI’s special internal ethos and its impact on the company’s outward facing brand image. To develop this framework we immersed ourselves in the ‘YETI way,’ interviewing company stakeholders, brand ambassadors and the YETI’s most passionate customers. 


From there we developed a five part framework: 


  • Project managed creative brainstorms and execution of final deliverable 
  • Synthesized brainstorm notes into themed territories. Developed messaging recommendations, presented to leadership teams 
  • Co-authored final copy for each element of our framework 

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