The Opportunity 

Develop a product and communication rollout strategy – leveraging historic sales data, persona insights, and brand framework – to deliver on YETI’s core business goals for the first half of 2020. 

Inner Workings 

With answers to where, when and who to sell to, our team developed a tiered product rollout strategy. High sell, high priority products were mapped against flighted campaign moments. Second tier products were mapped against lower funnel communication tactics. And third tier products, ie products that sold themselves or had low margins, were reserved for conversion messaging or tied into product capsule collections. 


  • Comms roll out calendar that aligned our messaging strategy to creative campaigns, historic sales spikes, new product releases dates, 2020 cultural moments, audience purchase behavior, and YETI Presents
  • 50+ page recommendation for optimizing how, where and when to push individual products, product collections, and YETI Presents content 


  • Spearheaded creative writing and concepting for campaigns territories
  • This deeply collaborative, fast moving project demanded everyone swiftly become familiar with YETI’s sales trends, product data and business metrics

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