Synchrony Financial is a credit and payment solution provider for consumers and businesses.


  • Enterprise-level: Business Decision Makers Personas 
  • Vertical-specific: Retail, eCommerce, Tech, Auto & Home Audiences 
  • Social-specific: Six audiences on Synchrony’s social media channels

The Opportunity 

With each new audience project, Giant Spoon teams helped Synchrony more effectively map messaging and business offerings to value propositions for B2B and B2C audiences. 

Inner Workings 

  • BDM Personas – at a high level, these personas identify the largest barriers founders and “Emerging Leaders” faced and the various ways Synchrony can help them overcome identified obstacles
  • Vertical-specific audiences – these were developed to unlock industry dynamics that business leaders face when operating in certain lines of work such as eCommerce, retail, automotive, home, and technology
  • Finally, Synchrony’s social media audiences – these six audiences reflected the core types of visitors consuming branded social content. Audience development uncovered how each of these groups make decisions about Synchrony, and what cues they look for when searching for business solutions or partnership


  • Owned the research and definition of BDM and Social Media personas, tapping team expertise across the enterprise and social


  • Synchrony Enterprise-level Founder personas became the basis for Business Schooled, Synchrony first podcast, which recently returned for a second season with business co-founder and investor Soraya Darabi 
  • Synchrony vertical-specific audiences were the driving insight behind the creation of in-development product campaigns for Synchrony business solutions 
  • And finally, our social audiences will inform content strategy for Synchrony’s LinkedIn, IG/Facebook and Twitter channels as well as provide insight for Synchrony thought leadership platform, State of Pay 

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