The opportunity 

Airbnb wanted to parlay the brand’s ‘travel like a local’ mentality from its accommodations offering into a new offering: daily adventures hosted by regional residents.

The inner workings

The user journey of booking Airbnb’s Experiences needed to feel consistent and connected to the process of searching for the perfect Airbnb overnight stay. Through audience research, we uncovered insights around how our different target audiences traditionally booked travel activities.

  • With these insights, our team of strategists, creatives and UX designers mapped out various entry points that different users might begin with when exploring daily excursions on the Airbnb app
  • The Airbnb Experiences’ user journey was open-ended, making it easy to search Experiences by city, passion point, or host


  • Led audience research, supported content strategy and user experience team of designers
  • Crafted sample Airbnb Experiences: Created framework to consistently communicate Airbnb Experiences’ point of difference: A more bespoke excursion, that reflected a destination’s unique people and the place’s unique identity. (i.e. a new product offering that tied back to Airbnb’s platform ‘Don’t Go There. Live There’)  


“After making a big splash in 2016, Airbnb Experiences continue to draw increasing buzz as they continue to expand to new countries on a monthly basis. They now offer users over 4,000 Experiences, in 50 cities around the world.”

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