What Actress and model 

Description “Garner’s studious dedication to understanding, and ultimately embodying, the characters she plays, along with her appreciation for art, is a product of her upbringing in the Bronx, in a family where creativity, discussion and debate were feverishly encouraged. ‘I would describe my childhood as highly creative and loud,’ Garner says. ‘There were a lot of creative discussions happening and it was a very New York childhood; loud and opinionated!’ She attributes her artistic taste and curiosity in people to her parents’ professions—her mother was a comedian before she became a therapist, and her father is a painter and a teacher—as well as teachers who have influenced her from a young age. ‘My dad’s a teacher and I grew up around teachers (she has worked with her acting coach Pamela Scott since she was 16). I feel like if you’re a permanent student, you’re always going to have really interesting, smart taste.’” (Harper’s Bazaar, 2022

A quick snapshot of what makes her role in Ozarks special here

Why Just go watch Inventing Anna on Netflix, and you’ll understand. 

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