Personal branding can serve a business purpose, but don’t let this overshadow an equally important purpose: having fun. Have you ever heard the phrase, “If you say you’re bored, then you are boring”? Well the same philosophy applies to personal branding, and more specifically how you plan out content creation for personal branding. 

So let’s talk about what goes into engaging, irresistibly easy-to-follow content you can create for your personal brand tomorrow. 

Personal branding example: Confidence Uncorked

This story comes by way of a mutual connection. Warner and I both studied advertising at the University of Texas and had the good fortune of interning together at the long-running Austin ad agency, GSD&M, during our senior semester. Today she’s in the Bay Area with an amazing wine start-up thanks in no small part to her intrepid content ideas for personal branding and vino expertise. 

Establish your anchor: Create a launch moment  

Confidence Uncorked was an idea a year in the making before it was officially launched. This incubation period allowed time for reflection. When it was finally time to press play on the idea, Warner announced her new wine education gram account, Confidence Uncorked, on her personal IG and then shared the backstory behind her idea in her opening Confidence Uncorked post

Don’t be shy: Let your personality shine 

In the process of growing Confidence Uncorked, Warner was refining her point of view about everything from the snobbery often associated with wine knowledge to the deciding factors of a “good wine.” Beyond using the platform to increase her followers’ confidence in wine buying, storing and drinking, she was also establishing her personal brand’s voice through her own perspectives and real life experiences. 

Trust your instinct & see where it leads 

It’s a good idea to establish the purpose of your content, but Warner’s story is evidence that the best way to get started on any project is to simply to begin! If you’re passionable and knowledgeable, your gut will help guide the way. 

In July of 2020 Warner was establishing Confidence Uncorked as an advocate of wine from smaller wine makers with a unique story to tell. When she heard about Maker Wines, their mission immediately resonated with her own views and those of her growing platform. 

She connected with the Stanford Business School graduates and founders behind Maker Wines, who promptly sent her a sample of cans to taste test. She shared an initial post introducing the company to her community, then followed up the post with a three part video series breaking down misconceptions about canned wines and delving into the stories and flavor profiles of Maker Wines’ featured labels. (Check out some of their featured wine makers here: Colleen Clothier, Chris Christensen, Alice Sutro, Ian Devereux, Nicole Walsh, Lulu Handley)

Fast forwarding to June of 2021, Warner has joined this amazing team of women at Maker Wines and will serve as Head of Content and Wine Education. How? She said yes to her idea and consistently built Confidence Uncorked’s community one post at a time.

If you’ve been sitting on great content ideas for personal branding, don’t delay. Decide on your launch date, set up a brand strategy, and learn the rest along the way!

Pictured above:  Alice Sutro who’s partnered with Maker Wine and the maker behind their featured Cab.

Cover photo credit: Eva Hoffman

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