What British interior design company, Neville Johnson and creative agency, iProspect, came together to ask an intriguing question — what would Frida Kahlo’s bedroom look like if she were living in 2020?

Description This ingenious PR campaign for Neville Johnson envisions how Kahlo, William Shakespeare, Queen Elizabeth I, and Coco Chanel would decorate their bedroom today. iProspect has done similar “what if” interior design projects for clients including David Wilson Homes and Barratt London.

Why This case study is inspiring a multitude of other ‘what if’ ideas…

What if Compass explored where historical icons of Atlanta lived and found a way to weave their biography into a historic listing located in the same area that said Atlanta icon used to reside?

What if you could help the everyday American envision a personalized room inspired by a beloved idol, period in history, or place? Will agents of buyers and interior decorators ever become a corporate power couple to pull something like this off for their own clients?

Photos by Neville Johnson. Copy by Steven Kurutz of The New York Times

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