Welcome to Wevenly University, a self-guided curriculum focused on entrepreneurialism, place-based branding, geography and real estate.

Today educational resources are readily accessible and increasingly affordable, but taking full advantage of what’s out there takes curation, time and focus. Also, nothing compares to the insights gleaned by holding stakeholder interviews with experts in any topic you’re looking to master.

Over tacos and mezcal, a friend was joking about the classic ‘get your shit together’ story. The narrative typically goes something like this: Day 1: I’m going to get my shit together…Day 2: No really, I’m going to get it together….2 weeks later: But actually, now, I’m going to get my act together….2 months later: No excuses. It’s time to grind… 2 years later: You’ve either forgotten the vision you were so obsessed with or that fire is still burns, and NOW it’s finally time to stop planning and put pen to paper.

I’m squarely in the 2+ month phase. I don’t want to wait two years to realize I still don’t know what I’m doing but I still want to do the thing anyway. So here we are, kicking off Wevenly University, and hoping that in publishing this process it inspires a more rapid-fire educational practice in all things related to entrepreneurialism, place-based branding, geography and real estate.

Kind of Genius

Quit your bitching.  This is generally seen as good advice. Find me a person that wants to be seen as a whiner.  But, what if I said bitching is good business. I’m serious.  Being able to articulate issues is an art form. Being able to pitch problems, now that’s an even more lucrative art form.…

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What A core Vietnamese dish with an inventive future and fascinating history, tracing back to street vendors in Hanoi and a touch of French colonialism influence. Description “It’s beef noodle soup; it can’t be that complicated,” calmly jokes Andrea Nguyen, a well-known Pho expert and author of The Pho Cookbook. In the introduction of her…

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