What a novel 

Description A timeless story of the “improbable-but-true serendipity” of one’s 20s told through the eyes of a clever, independent newcomer to New York in 1937. (New York Times, 2011

Why Rarely have I found a novel where I want to dive into the world of the characters so immensely. I had to know how Rules of Civility came to be, so I started reading interviews with the author, Amor Towels. After discovering this Q&A, I felt moved to join Towels’ mailing list, and on a whim wrote a note in the comments sharing how much I enjoyed his work.

He wrote back! 

This very famous investment banker turned three-time best selling author took the time to reply to my handful of sentences. I was in shock. Rules of Civility, his debut novel, highlights characters at the top of the New York social scene and their attention to detail—to names not just of important people but the lobby boy and milkman—and this gesture of personal care to write me back embodies that same warm classiness of the book.

Read the book because it is a delight. Remember the book because it truly is a study in tasteful behaviors and the art of seizing the moment.

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