What place, mixed use art and film location  (*for a full description keep scrolling.) 

Why Gallery hopping by its very nature is meant to unfold semi-unplanned. But I also believe engineering a great ‘stumble upon’ moment takes behind-the-scenes planning. 

So here we are with our gallery gameplan: We had a series of five studios to hit and a beautiful, breezy afternoon ahead of us. I figured we’d veer off course eventually, but in actuality it took no time at all for the talking to take us left of Google Maps’ nudge. Rather than landing at Gregg Irby, our first spot on the list, we found ourselves strolling down the backside of Westside Provisions toward….a ‘Goat Farm’? My friend had heard of this place dead ahead. It didn’t look like much, but we figured we might as well try. Well let me just say, having no idea what we were walking into, that I felt worlds away from our car parked a few paces back. Were we trespassing? What was this place?? There were barely any signs of life, just rustic brick units, an empty, deep set porch, water pump, strang modern sculpture, and renaissance oil painting, perfectly centered on an outdoor wall. 

We eventually made our way to an open door at Kuali Gallery. The owner, Christian, was setting up his next series. Naturally we got to talking and my friend realized she went to high school with the artist soon to be on display. I suppose that’s Atlanta for you: A huge city and yet a small village all at one time. The point of this long wramble is all to say. Go check-out this space. Read about it. Meet a gallery owner, see if they invite you to their next event. Who knows what you’ll stumble into. As for the other galleries on our tour? We never made it to a single one, so I guess you could say the day is ‘to be continued.’ 

Description “Originally a cotton-gin manufacturer, the Goat Farm is a Westside haven for working artists and performance companies, a frequent location for movie shoots (cough cough, Hunger Games, cough cough), and a great live music venue.” Creative Loafing

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