What Food, Chocolate, Bar and Cocoa

Description “Once you’ve tasted real chocolate, the other stuff just won’t do. So we made sure everyone could taste the difference.In 2015, we set out to make bean to bar chocolate easily accessible with a craft chocolate subscription service. After some success, we moved into e-commerce and retail to create one of the world’s largest selections of bean to bar chocolate.” About Bar and Cocoa

Why After listening to Unreserved Wine Talk’s podcast: Episode #109: How to Pair Wine and Chocolate, I knew I was ruined. As someone that lives for bold, layered flavors, and is an absolute chocoholic, I knew I needed to step-up my game and start sourcing the real stuff. I haven’t yet, but am very tempted to join Bar and Cocoa’s chocolate club?! In the meantime, I’ll keep sampling chocolates ethically sourced from the tropics to find my golden bar. 

“To’ak’s $260 chocolate bar is presented in a box of Spanish elm, the same wood in which the cacao beans are fermented.”
Los Angeles Times

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