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As a creative person, there’s no better feeling than a wave of inspirational energy. It’s the most motivating power to suddenly feel moved to create. I think that explains why I’m so excited this week. After a 6+ month build, I’m finally at a place where I can openly admit to my latest project, a semi-autobiographical narrative of a social experiment released in a coffee-table-sized lookbook detailing all my favorite things and how they’re connected.

Before you go…”wait what?” Hear me out. The working title of this mess of a project is:

More Interested: An essential field guide & inspiration engine for those searching for more

If you’re still lost, here’s the Amazon-books-style pitch:

This book is for anyone that dreads being asked, “so what are your interests?.” And this book is especially for anyone that’s watched, with respect and a  hint of jealousy, someone else take that question and transform it into a spelling binding conversation.

Wellness, acting with intention, clean eating, meditating, fitness, self-awerness, natural beauty, peace of mind — The desire for gaining greater control of our bodies and mental states has never been higher. The desire to more deeply understand why we’re drawn to certain TV shows, people, vacation destinations, etc, is equally fascinating and valuable, yet who’s investing great swaths of time to gain deeper self-awareness of one’s interests? We let Netflix or Spotify tell us what we’ll probably like, but what if we could better be our own “discovery” engines? 

This coffee table book is an essential field guide toward helping people do exactly that — become their own discovery engines, told through the narrative of one girl that started from scratch. 

(Image source: The Curated Life)

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