Preying on your losses, fears and inaction

Let’s get real. Sports brands have all sold us on the inspirational story about finding our grit, strength, or winning streak. But what about owning up to our moments of weakness? This seems to be the latest trend coming from the likes of Under Armour, Gatorade and Nike.

Check out these three very different takes on the the theme of “strength from weakness:”

Pushing past a loss


Brand + ad: Under Armour – Make that old
Insight: There’s no point in dwelling on a loss: Soon it will be old news. Even the good news gets old. 
What: The spot turns Stephen Curry’s loss at the NBA Finals into a story about constant reinvention. The ad repeatedly reports on a fact/accomplishment relating to Curry and young fans respond with “that’s old news.” To conclude, the ad reports on Curry’s loss and the same fans urge, “now make that old.”
Business aim: Sell Curry 3 trainers and bring awareness that true fans stand by Curry through his highs and lows.

Fighting fears


Brand + ad: Gatorade – Nightmares
Insight: Fears don’t have to be bad. They can become your motivation…your “fuel” pushing you to the next level.
What: Kevin Durant dreams his dunk is blocked by rival, Dwyane Wade. The dream inspires vigorous training. To conclude the dream is replayed with Durant making the shot: This time the dream, or rather nightmare, belongs to Dwyane.
Business aim: Bring awareness to Gatorade’s range of products, by show the brand’s relevance before, during, and and post workout.

Stop sitting on your screens


Brand + ad: Nike – Time is precious
Insight: If time is limited, don’t waste it doing useless things on a screen.
What: The spot opens with a black background and white text, reading “time is precious.” Then a robotic voice narrates all the ridiculously unproductive, yet popular, activities we partake in when we fall victim to the internet, TV, social media, apps, etc. The spot ends with, “time is precious, are we running today?”.
Business aim: Align Nike with the things in life that really matter to peoples’ lives, like healthy habits and self-improvement.



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