3 Quotes: icons to insecurity

I love interviews. Well-spoken interviewees often understand what they’re expected to say and make a point to offer something new or curiously explained.

Then there are those that take the next step: not only do they offer a surprising thought but delivered it in an intentionally un-fancy, somewhat roundabout way. Their words are often entertaining, even witty. The tone isn’t, pre say, well-spoken so much as it’s spot on with the way people actually talk and think. It’s honest.

Well, as I was wandering through TED Talks, I came across an older, though, rather timeless interview with Lee Chow. It’s both the message and the delivery that make his responses so compelling.

On-the-Go Summary
Read Time: 0: 09 minutes
jpeg lee chow TedExU quotes

Full-length Video
Watch Time: 11:54 minutes

Lee Chow: TBWA/Chiat/Day Creative & "Godfather"

Lee Chow: TBWA/Chiat/Day Creative & “Godfather”

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