Content Marketing

Image via Magpie Marketing

Image via Magpie Marketing

Finally, the bridge between tastemakers, writers, photographers and brands. The trend has been gaining momentum at rapid-fire speed, but I’ll go ahead and state the obvious: content marketing is raising the bar across industries.

It’s promising five-seconds of fame for bloggers, photographers and social media gurus. And promising brands new channels for organic engagement. It’s also posing the question, do freelancers reign supreme in the land of content?

A Trend with Historic Roots
From a quick Wiki search, you can learn about three brands far ahead of their time. In 1895 John Deer developed The Furrow, a branded periodical offering tips on lawn maintenance, landscaping and other outdoor projects. Similarly, Michelin created The Michelin Guide at the turn of the century, and Jell-O curated a dessert centric cookbook, distributed door-to-door starting in 1904.

The phrase “content marketing” surface in the late 90s and was defined as content consumers would naturally seek out.

Today the extent of the trend is obvious. The use of content marketing rose from 63% in 2013 to 93% in 2014.

From the Reader’s Perspective
I love magazines and find irritating ads to be the bane of my reading experience. Thus, I’m naturally a supporter of sponsored content, native advertising, content marketing and any other buzzword describing well-integrated brand promotion. As a reader, I believe it encourages a new degree of synergy between media companies, journalists, ad agencies , photographers and the like.

New Opportunities
Born out of content creation is the dawn of a new industry, the content creation platform brand. When done well, these companies work much like an online dating site, matching artists and writers to brands and retail outlets.

Feature: Three Brands Rocking the Category
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