Hi, I’m Jennie Lee.

And I love of all things relating to research but less in the academic sense and more in the I-want-to-investigate-what’s-happening-now sense. Here are a few things I’ve been pondering lately:

– Why trends emerge
– How technology changes our habits
– Who are today’s thought leaders and trend setters
– What makes something go viral
– And other too big to fully answer questions

In short, I seek to know what moves culture and how brands can better be a part of what people are craving.

This fascination has taken me down an interesting journey. I’ve spent the past two years interning from Austin to London while studying Advertising at the University of Texas. Now, I’m packing my bags and heading west to join TBWA\Chiat\Day’s Intelligence Department where I will be putting my research chops to the test.

Change always excites me, so in response to my move I’ve decide to reinvent my website. Expect to see less portfolio work and more content around the above topics. I hope you will enjoy what lies ahead.

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