Browsing for Inspiration

Sometimes it’s necessary to just take a break and browse around for a bit of inspiration, so here is a short (yet ever evolving) list of blogs and sites I rather like.


Visually Inspired Blogs 
Miss Moss An everything blog with a great eye for the unexpected, hand-made and beautiful things in life
Wit and Delight Blog written by designer and creative consultant, Kate Arends
The Style Files A lifestyle blog from Amsterdam native, Danielle de Lange
Items by Design Bird Great photographs, especially if browsing on Pinterest
Bauban Haus Slightly retro but great graphic design posters
Design is Fine. History is Mine. Imagery with a bit of a back story on why certain items made a difference in the evolution of design, art and architecture
Visual Sunday Their packaging for Revolver is excellent
Liberty Blog Features ideas, designers and new products from the Liberty of London department store. Also… Fast CoThe Creators Project. Brand New. Swiss Miss. Walker Art CenterMany StuffIts nice that. 

Current Trends and News Blogs
K-Hole: New York Trend Forecasting Group
Culture House Daily A robust array of topics spanning from actors and museums, to commentary on airports and sports but all told with anthropological insights. VF Daily and VF’s Hollywood Blog Vanity Fair’s best blogs, featuring anything from serious to celebrities. For more great suggestions Creative Bloq offers an extensive list.

People Worth Following
Richard Saul Wurman: founder of TED Talks, author of 83 books, one of which includes drawings of famed architect Louis Khan
Jessica Hische: Creator of beautiful designs, with a great blog of little insights and life hacks

Photo from Baubauhaus

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