JL at WindsorThe town of Windsor includes a rather prestigious castle, Eaton College, and waterfront cafes. It’s also my favorite place in Britain, second only to London. Walking through the great dining hall, you can image the jousting tournaments that would have take place in the courtyard to the right. The level of splendor is unprecedented, and unlike Westminster Abby, all decorative embellishments go together with careful planning. Another favorite room showcases the Royal Family’s hundreds of swords, and one can’t miss the identical (and not so miniature) miniature dollhouse.

With Fourth of July on the way, I spent a split second considering when England’s independence day was. What caught this embarrassing thought was my memory of Windsor, the most obvious evidence of England’s ultimate wealth and prestige. There’s no explanation for the concentration of grandeur, but also taste and personality. And to think that the Queen still comes here to ride horses and walk the dogs.

the guardsSide of Windor Areawater at WindsorA

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