Fashion Highlights

After visiting Kensington Place, I’d venture to say that it’s best enjoyed from the park, but if you do visit, I highly recommend ‘Fashion Rules’. The exhibit chronicles fashion trends of the 19th century. Another walk through English style is on display at the V&A. Highlights from both exhibits include designs from the likes of:

Paul Poiret
Popular at the turn of the 20th century, he rejected the Edwardian style of the day in favor of clean lines. Inspired by Parisian courtiers, he designed many fashions with turbans, tassels, and bold Eastern prints.

Elsa Schiaparelli
Amused with the works by surrealist painters such as Salvador Dalí, Schiaparelli’s looks include many whimsical prints. One of her most famous pieces, a 1937 evening coat, simultaneously depicts two lovers kissing or a vase of roses, depending on your interpretation.

Christian Dior
Dior introduced the ‘New Look’ to post-war Britain. His style focused on luxurious fabrics, fine tailoring, and modernity. While the wartime style was known for austerity and practical cuts, Dior reintroduced women to jewel-tone gowns and uncompromising glamour.

Norman Hartnell
A famous British courtier that put London on the map as a premier fashion capital. His designs were often worn during the 50s to social events like the Royal Ascot, a highly coveted horse-racing fixture.

Apart from the dresses, the Vogue covers at Kensington Palace were equally wonderful. Here’s a few highlights:

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