P1040484If you’re lucky enough to live in High Kensington, then you’re living in a real-estate heaven that’s far too extraordinary to constitute real life. It’s a tease spending the summer sandwiched between Kate’s Palace and Notting Hill, so I enjoyed visiting Pimilico, a quint neighborhood near the Tate Britain that gives a charming yet more realistic example of true London living. This area also happens to be where my family stayed for the past week.

Using One Fine Stay, they nabbed a delightful carriage house on Cambridge Street. Inside the walls were covered in small prints, ruminant of children’s book illustrations. The sofa was butter yellow, and the sitting area was framed with lemon printed curtains. If you left the Dutch doors open, you could hear the choir warming up in the nearby chapel.

In short, it’s a neighborhood that seems trapped a few decades back. Though only a ten minute walk from the Tate and a few more minutes from Buckingham Palace, the area feels far more secluded than is actually the case.

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