Party in the Park

3 GracesAs it just so happened, I was enjoying a jog through Kensington Park. I’d guess it was about nine at night, yet the sun was only beginning to set. As the sky turned pink, Londoners strolled, biked and played Frisbee like it was two in the afternoon. ‘Endless summer’ took full meaning here, and I guess that makes sense considering how rare this weather must be.

Heading toward the lake, I noticed a small gathering of pedestrians flocking near the intersection. A few police dotted the perimeter of the Serpentine Gallery, but I figured the event was just some art exhibit. Feeling my runner’s high start to kick in, I was hesitant to see what the fuss was all about, but, then, I realized the dresses were rather fantastic, so I slowed to a walk. Brioni, read the posters flanking the entrance. Hmm? Sounds like some Italian brand. I half wondered if I had stumbled upon a premier of some kind, but surely there would be more media coverage?

Though I bragged to my roommate about falling upon a premier in the park, on the whole I was only kidding. The next day as I headed toward the Underground, I accepted the London Standard being forced upon me. Once seated I opened the crumpled paper from my bag and absent-mindedly turned to the middle, “Turn your Bathroom into a Pamperdome.” Oh good, an article about picking tiles. A couple sentences in my eyes drifted up to the woman across the way…then down to the font cover of her Evening Standard to where it read, “Serpentine’s Three Graces. Happy Together: Alexa Chung, Keira Knightley and Cara Delevingne at the Serpentine Galleries’ summer party.”

I didn’t know if I should be grateful for discovering this not-so-casual gathering or upset with my complete oblivion. Topping off a Pimms in the park on a typical Tuesday evening: This just about sums up the modestly beautiful life of London’s rich and famous. Next party in the park, I’ll be ready.

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