Local Taste

London StyleYesterday someone dropped, “sometimes I don’t even realize I’m in another country.” I couldn’t believe her nerve: I stubbornly stand behind the notion that London’s culture is utterly distinctive, but, secretly, I wondered if she had a point.

On my way to work, I decided to test this theory by observing the rest of the crowd heading to the office. After just a few minutes, I realized her comment ignored all details. What other city wears this many black tights in summer? Or blue-stripped Oxfords? And one can’t forget the school children, dressed in uniforms dating back to the 1940s, hurdling down the street with mini red scoters. Then there’s the baristas, all with different accents, asking your preference, one lump or two? Even if London doesn’t send us Americans into absolute culture sock, the city is filled with local nuances. And not to end in a clique, but I really believe there’s no place quite like it.

Picture from Sortashion

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