Edinburg Top of the CityStepping off the train I immediately regretted my wardrobe choice. In Texas if you drive four hours, not much changes. Four hours north of London and you end up in a different country, but also a drastically different climate. In other words, Edinburg is freezing compared to London–even in the summer people wear ski coats.

Another fun fact about the capital of Scotland: it gets you in great shape for you’re next stair stepper workout. Before arriving at The Elephant House, we lugged our suitcases up an eternal staircase, passed three medieval cathedrals, and trudged through a sudden downpour. Good thing the food was delicious. We stayed a while enjoying tea and looking at the dreary yet beautifully medieval Edinburg castle. This café also happened to be a favorite of JK Rowling while writing Harry Potter.

The rest of the afternoon was spent shopping up and down the city’s spiraling streets. While Oxford seemed set back in time, Edinburgh looked of such another world it made you feel like you were inside a gothic novel. And funny enough, two of my friends actually ran across a cast member from Game of Thrones.

If you’re up for a hike, Arthur’s Seat offers the best views of the city. For dinner, Red Squirrel is a favorite among locals. The next morning, breakfast at Milk for farm fresh flavors and wonderful tea. As for shopping, we enjoyed Golden Hare Books, Walker Slater, Demijon and Context Interiors.

churches at the top of every hillwalking down arthurs seat copy

And this post would not be complete without giving a shout out to Erin Shepard. She’s chronicled our trip via her GoPro. Have a look!

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