Day 2

I got to the office nervous as though it was my first day all over again. To my surprise I was once again greeted with a slew of inspirational words of wisdom and an even more off the wall project: “Communicate with two other people. It’s 50 years in the future. Be more creative than Gmail.” What? I was on my fourth doodle when Hamid looked over my shoulder to see how I had wasted the last half hour. I explained my brain scanning IM system, mood board picnic box and empathy matching mechanism. He nodded and gave a modest sign of approval. I spent the rest of the day researching a persona for Great British Racing that would represent the attitudes of an amateur racing-enthusiast.

At 6pm I joined the crowd of suits congregating in the streets of London. I felt like I was playing dress up in a world of professionals. Nevertheless, I looked forward to sitting on the Tube, then meeting up with my friends as we pretended to grumble about our long day over drinks at the nearest pub. I’ve only been here a week, and I’m already assuming my role as a native Londoner.

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